2-Cliks - SAP Business Workflow Approval Anywhere Anytime

The 2-Cliks solution is provided by Yelcho Systems Consulting to enable decision makers to execute SAP Business Workflow decision steps anywhere, anytime and on any device.

2-Cliks is a hosted service that delivers workflow decision tasks directly to the decision makers email inbox. Decisions are executed with just two clicks - or taps if you are using a touchscreen device.

2-Cliks simplifies the workflow process by providing a customisable, intuitive user experience that is guaranteed to work on all existing workstations, mobile devices, smartphones, etc. and all future devices as well. This enhanced user experience eliminates training and maximises end-user uptake of new workflow processes.

To see how 2-Cliks looks and works on your own email clients simply send an email to samples@2-cliks.com for some samples.

Dennis Howlett from JD-OD.com talks to Graham Robinson about 2-Cliks.

The 2-Cliks demonstration starts at 4m 40s

2-Cliks Functionality

Once 2-Cliks is enabled all the decision maker needs to do is monitor their email inbox.

Workflow decision steps are detected by the 2-Cliks server which creates an email that is sent to the decision maker. This email contains as much detail as you feel is required to support the decision maker.

The decision maker clicks on a link in the email that indicates their decision. This link formulates a reply email which the decision maker can review then they hit the SEND button to transmit the decision to 2-Cliks which executes it on their behalf.

2-Cliks Highlights

Simple to Deploy - 2-Cliks is a hosted service so there is minimal changes required at the SAP backend system to get started.

Managed - the 2-Cliks service has been designed to be self-managing and fault tolerant. Errors are communicated to the users via email and administrators can monitor and manage their services remotely by sending appropriately formatted emails to the 2-Cliks service.

Compatible - by using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) as the transport medium the 2-Cliks service ensures support for all existing and future email clients. Whatever your preferred email client is - Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Groupwise, iOS, Android, etc. - 2-Cliks will support it now and it will also support any new devices and email clients that appear in the future.

Secure - 2-Cliks is secure. Work items, decisions and workflow agents are uniquely identified using one-time keys that are transmitted as part of every email. By checking these keys 2-Cliks can be sure that workflow decisions come from the correct person and refer to the correct workflow task and decision.

Cost Effective - 2-Cliks has a simple and transparent pricing model. There is a small fixed charge for each workflow decision that has been successfully carried out. Importantly you will not be charged when errors occur, when workflow decisions are executed by other means, etc.

2-Cliks Features

Customisable Email - 2-Cliks emails are fully customisable. If you like you can build the complete email details with your own code that 2-Cliks will consume.

Customisable Email Addressing - Using appropriate DNS records you can ensure all emails contain your own email subdomain and not the 2-Cliks domain.

Flexible - 2-Cliks simply sits on top of your existing SAP Business Workflow execution engine. Standard Workflow features such as multiple agents, escalations and substitutions are fully supported.

Private - 2-Cliks only stores the minimum data for 2-Cliks to track email process flow. No corporate data is stored on the 2-Cliks server. All email content is generated dynamically from your SAP system at runtime.

Robust - 2-Cliks has been designed to handle network and system outages. For example if your SAP system is shut down for maintenance 2-Cliks will store workflow decisions for a defined period of time and then retry them when the system becomes available.

Self-Service - 2-Cliks monitoring and administration tools are all self-service tools that also work via email. For example to check the status of a work item, or to get a copy of the log file data associated with a work item, you simply send 2-Cliks an email and it will send you the results within minutes.

2-Cliks Pricing

Pay only for what you use. You do not have to commit to any up-front fees and you can opt-out of 2-Cliks at any time simply by advising us and locking the 2-Cliks user in your SAP system.

Pricing starts at a low fixed price for each successfully executed workflow decision. So even if you execute 100 decisions per working day the total monthly cost could be under $500 per month.

2-Cliks Workflow Handler by Yelcho Systems Consulting