Graham Robinson founded Yelcho Systems Consulting in 2003 with the goal of creating and delivering practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions using SAP NetWeaver technology.

Graham has over 30 years experience in the Australian IT industry primarily in infrastructure support and management, product management and application development roles. His previous employers include the National Australia Bank, Australian Stock Exchange, Australian Tourist Commission, Oracle Corporation and SAP Australia.

During more than eight years at SAP Australia Graham worked in IT Management, Customer Support, Project Management, Product Marketing, Strategic and Pre-Sales roles.

Yelcho clients have included SAP Australia & New Zealand along with many SAP partners and customers.

Graham is a subject matter expert on the SAP technology stack, software design and development. Graham's contributions to the SAP Community Network have been acknowledged with his nomination and appointment as an SAP Mentor.

SAP Marketing Video - Making Digital Business Simple

A video to help introduce the SAP Apigee partnership shot at SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas. I'm not so comfortable with this more formalised shoot but it was still fun to do. I am pretty sure they used post-production editing to slow down the fast-talking Australian. ;)

SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 - Las Vegas

The "wrap-up" with Jon Reed and Dennis Howlett.

What is SAPUI5 and Why Should You Care?

ASUGtv Interview with Tom Wailgum at SAPTechEd && d-code.

SAPPHIRENOW & ASUG Annual Conference 2014 - Orlando

The "wrap-up" with Jon Reed and Dennis Howlett.

SAP TechEd 2013 - Las Vegas

You can find the slides for my "Workflow Approval: Anywhere, Anytime" presentation here.

SAP TechEd Live interview with Thomas Jung from SAP and Jelena Perfiljeva from Elster Solutions. Back to the Future for of ABAP Development.

Back to the Future of ABAP Development - SAP TechEd Online.FLV

SAPPHIRENOW & SAP TechEd 2012 - Madrid

SAP TechEd Live interview with Thomas Jung from SAP and Tobias Trapp from AOK Systems on HANA and the implications for developers.

Developer Deep Dive on SAP HANA, Part II - SAP TechEd Online.MP4 Day 2 wrap with Jon Reed, Harald Reiter & Mrinal Wadhwa.

SAP TechEd Madrid - Day 2 Wrap

SAP TechEd 2012 - Las Vegas

We tried to line up a shoot with all the Aussie Mentors. Unfortunately scheduling conflicts, and Dennis sleeping in, conspired against us so only Josh Fletcher and I were able to make it.

The Aussie take on SAP TechEd

Watch replays of the SAP TechED Live interviews Graham participated in at SAP TechEd 2012 in Las Vegas. The complete list of TechEd Live content can be accessed at
Graham interviews Thomas Jung and Thorsten Franz about HANA from the Developer's perspective.

Graham participates in a review of the SAP Community Network in 2012 with Mark Yolton and Gail Moody-Byrd.

Graham impressing SAP Mentors with his individuality. i.e. Amusing them with lack of knowledge and lack of appropriate shirt. Photo by Martin Gillet.
Graham demonstrating his individuality at the SAP Mentors meeting by saying something stupid
and by not wearing the appropriate shirt. Photo by Martin Gillet.

Developer Engagement

A special Google Plus taping, organised by Jon Reed of, which assesses SAP developer engagement with SAP Mentors Graham Robinson and Ethan Jewett. The guys present their views on three points they determined to be crucial for SAP's success building an apps ecosystem: IP, licensing, and downloadable software. After some amusing early technical glitches, the discussion gives a clear sense of the work SAP has left to do and frames the developer themes for the TechEd 2012 season.

Aussie Demo Jam 2012

At the 2012 Aussie Demo Jam Graham showcased a demo that used a Parrot AR.Drone helicopter, ABAP and the Siri voice activated assistant that comes with the latest Apple iPhone 4S.

To find out more about this demo and see video of it in action check out the SCN blogs Siri.Drone - The Back Story and Siri.Drone Assembly Instructions.

Mastering SAP Technologies 2012

Dennis Howlett's review can be found here - and below is his video mashup. Absolutely love the Fleetwood Mac backing track.

A discussion with Dennis Howlett and John Moy around some of the SAP Mobile Platform announcements that were made on 10th April 2012.
Check out the Mastering SAP Technologies site for lots more content from this event including videos of some of the presentations.

The Pros and Cons of NetWeaver Gateway - Four SAP Mentors Talk SAP Developer Engagement

A Google Hangouts taping with Jon Reed, Owen Pettiford and Ethan Jewett. Tapes in early March 2012.

SAP Teched 2011

Watch replays of the SAP TechED Live interviews Graham participated in at SAP TechEd 2011 in Las Vegas. The complete list of TechEd Live content can be accessed at

SAP TechEd Live

Graham interviews Bjöern Goerke who is the Senior Vice President responsible for the Technology and Platform Core at SAP AG.

SAP TechEd Live

Graham was also interviewed by fellow SAP Mentor and friend Thomas Jung about Changing The Way We Develop In ABAP.


For some reason the presentation Graham gave at SAPPHIRE NOW/ASUG in Orlando on 16th March 2011 has not been put up on the event website. You can access a copy of the slides here.

Opening session of Mastering SAP Technologies 2011

from The Eventful Group on Vimeo.

"The Right way to Enhance SAP", Mastering SAP Technologies 2010

from The Eventful Group on Vimeo.

10 of the 11 SAP Mentors who attended Mastering SAP Technologies 2011